Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bisexuality (featuring the cast of Star Trek)

Let's talk about Biphobia. A serious topic for once, but one I felt that I needed to talk about.

"Biphobia is aversion toward bisexuality and bisexual people as a social group or as individuals. People of any sexual orientation can experience such feelings of aversion. Biphobia is a source of discrimination against bisexuals, and may be based on negative bisexual stereotypes or irrational fear"

So basically it means you're a cunt.

There are many, many things that continue to elude my understanding and not many produces as many facepalms as biphobia (and negative bisexual stereotype, for that matter, which I will also talk about).

I mean sure, of course homophobia is terrible (after all I am gay, duh) but the way people perceives bisexuals are beyond ridiculous and is quite absurd.

There are people that do not believe that bisexuality exists... "bisexuals just basically means they're unsure if they're gay or straight", "bisexuals are just desperate people who needs sex all the time, doesn't matter if they're a man or a woman". Wait. I think I lost my ability of speech... urrhhh...

What's so wrong with loving a person, regardless of gender?

There are some people that are fine with homosexuals, but not with bisexuals... Absolutely baffling. I just don't understand at all. I would talk more about this part but I just can't, because I don't understand why this is the case. "Because bisexual people are greedy!" Everyone of any sexuality can be greedy... one doesn't need to be bisexual for that, surely?

One thing I don't get AT ALL is that many lesbians/gay guys I know do not like/trust bisexuals and/or go out with one because they will leave them/cheat on them with a guy/girl or they're just greedy. This warrants a double facepalm.

FLASHING NEWS: it doesn't matter what gender and sexuality one is anyone can be cheaters. If a girl leaves a girl for another guy, does it matter? They still left you for another person regardless, and it's the same for cheating. If they cheat on you (doesn't matter what gender that person is) it is still cheating. 

If they cheated on you, dump that pathetic ass.

And now another shocking announcement ...

FLASHING NEWS NUMBER 2: A bisexual person can be committed to one person for a very long time.

It's all very hard to take in, isn't it?


It's not like that every straight or gay person is monogamous. It all depend on the person, the human being.

It's not exactly rocket science (although rocket science is a lot easier to understand than biphobia). It was like I was once told by another bisexual that she was baffled that someone of a minority group (homosexuals) would not accept bisexuals, it is rather ironic...

Like, as a gay person, I experienced homophobia before and it is not pretty, so why would they want to inflict this onto bisexual people? I remember seeing on Tumblr that a popular gay magazine asked a question on Twitter "Would you ever date a bisexual man?" and the reply was staggering, most of them was a blatant "Fuck no!"

Google "Would you date a bisexual man?" and see it for yourselves.

One thing I don't get either is that if a bisexual woman is in a committed relationship with a man, she's suddenly straight, or if she's in a committed relationship with a woman, she's suddenly a lesbian. 

No, she is still of a bisexual orientation regardless of what gender her partner is! Bisexual people don't need to sleep with both gender at the same time to justify themselves.

"But bisexuality is a choice!"


Bisexuality (or homosexuality for that matter) is no more of a choice than your natural hair colour, your natural eye colour, your height, your nose shape, your eye shape and so on. 

What is a choice is coming out and embracing one's bisexuality, but unfortunately some people refrain from doing so because of so many close minded arses out there.

Rant. Over.


  1. You tell it to 'em!

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