Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Pad

At the time this happened, I seriously cringed. What if THIS happened to me? Too many imaginative scenarios running through my head! It was so embarrassing but now when I look behing, I can't stop laughing that it's almost impossible for me to tell this to my friends:

"And then she-" *laughs*
"She had this-" *howling with laughter*
"C'mon, Bea!"
"I just, it's so embarrassing, on her scarf, she had thi-" *laughs even harder*

Impossible. So I just show them my Facebook status. Anyway, let's move on with the story!

After a long class talking about prams, I headed off to the financial office (trying to talk to SAAS through my stepdad (because I'm deaf) is akin to talking to a brick wall) but before I entered the building, a woman walked out of the building.

What's so embarrassing about this?

She had a SANITARY TOWEL stuck to her scarf. Thankfully, it was a clean one otherwise I'd have nightmares and won't be able to touch women for a while... Wait, who am I kidding?

I stared at her so obviously that she snapped at me (whoops, hormones all over the place) "What are you looking at?"

"Uhm... er... You have this... pad... on your scarf..." while pointing and wriggling my finger at her scarf.

What she did next completely bewildered me. If it was me, I'd snatch it off and stuff it in the pocket, go so red and hope never to bump into this rude girl who stared at me.

But she went something like "Oh my fucking lord, so that's where it went!" and rushed BACK into the building, probably to take it off in the toliet.

So that's where it went?

(Next part is a bit graphic for many boys I expect. You have been warned.)

Did she leave the clean one on her leg while she tried to wrap the dirty one, but the clean one got stuck on her scarf and she couldn't find it anywhere or forgot that she already took one out, then took another one out?

Call me paranoid or something but if I think I lost it, I'd be looking EVERYWHERE in the toilet cubicle, even my body. Even coming out of a public toilet on a normal day, I check my feet and my arse to see there is no toliet paper dangling from it.

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  1. OH MY LORD HAHAHAHAHA. So that's where it went!?! This lady is my secret, anonymous hero. Whenever I've wanted to be cheered up in the past week I've thought of this story. Amazing.