Thursday, 17 June 2010

Women of Asia

I thought I'd bring this blog back into the living world... by talking about one of my favourite subjects: women. I don't normally talk to people I don't know about women, unless I am drunk, which is not very often. Most of my friends like men, so I talk about men more than I talk about women, to my greatest peril. I must admit, Chris Pine is one handsome hunk!

I sometimes read blog on I love the Hot 100 list. I love anything with Top 100 men/women.

I so prefer that list, compared to this year's FHM list that I went over with a close friend of mine. Guess who was number one? Yes, you got it right, it is indeed the ultra famous Geordie Cheryl Cole. Followed by plastic looking Megan Fox. Then Marisa Miller, a flashy American model. There were even (gasp!) glamour models in them, posing with half of their nipples peeping out. Is this the very best list heterosexual men has to offer us?

In Diva magazine last year - who was number one? Not Cheryl Cole or Megan Fox. No, not even Kate Moennig. Nope. She has blonde hair... no, not Scarlett Johasson either, though she is one hot stuff. It is the one and only Pink! Second in the list is Nigella Lawson and third is, yes, Kate Moennig. To you heterosexual people, Kate Moennig plays the infamous Shane from the L-Word. Not that I like the L-Word, I actually think it's rubbish, except perhaps for the hilarious first series.

Anyways, to get to my point, one thing I immediately noticed after reading the AfterEllen Hot 100 list was the fact that there were no Oriental women in the list, such as women from the Far East or South East Asia.



Not even Zhang Ziyi, or Sandra Oh for goodness sake, who were in previous Hot 100 list? Or even partly Asian actresses, such as Grace Park or even Lucy Liu?

Oh dear.

Then I looked in FHM - no Asians. Hardly surprising at all. DIVA has one - Jenny Shimizu. Seriously? Urgh. She is nowhere near attractive or hot. Hell, even I'd rather shag a fit guy than Shimizu. Even though she went out with Angelica Jolie.

So I decided to compile my own list of the hottest Far East and South East Asia women!

I am afraid that this list is not entirely accurate, as in some of them is not the hottest Asian women I know, because there is a couple of Thai, Japanese and Korean star whose name eludes me so I'll settle down for this list... for the time being! If I ever remember them, they'll obviously be here on this blog.

They are in no particular order... except perhaps for one.

Oh, before I start the list, I got some pictures from Amy Wong's personal blog about the same thing and I agree with many of her list (I don't think Xun Zhou should be in the list, but that is my opinion of course), but I also want to include South Eastern Asians, since I am half Thai. :)

Gong Li

Gong Li is my personal favourite. She is a Chinese born Singaporean actress. You may remember her in Memoirs of a Geisha, the Curse of the Golden Flower, but I've seen her in many films as a teenager, such as Raise the Red Lantern, Temptress Moon and Emperor and the Assassins.

She can pull the sultry look in a classical way with such ease. She oozes sexiness. Hell, if I look a tenth as beautiful/hot as Gong Li, I consider myself lucky. Enough said.

Maggie Cheung

She is extremely famous in China, Hong Kong and some other parts in East Asia. My family is Chinese, you see, but raised in Thailand without losing their Chinese values, consider Maggie Cheung a screen legend. I heartily agree. If you've seen the beautifully created Hero, you'll know her as Flying Snow. It is not difficult to see why she is a screen legend

And can I just say, I just LOVE that photograph of Maggie Cheung? In fact, I'll buy a lipstick that shade of red...

Michelle Yeoh

Okay, maybe this photograph is not like, a sexy one of her or a very beautiful one, but I fell in love with her when I saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when I was such a young girl. It still remains one of my favourite movies ever. Then after that, my mother would show me many films with Michelle Yeoh in it.

She was my role model when I young. When I got older, I saw her beauty. Another reason I included SE Asian women was because Michelle Yeoh is actually Chinese Malaysian, just like my dear beloved granny.

I saw this article a long while ago, you can see why she was my role model.

"She does most of her own stunts, has survived a host of injuries: a ruptured artery in her leg, dislocated shoulder, cracked rib from an 18ft fall, burns. She famously threw a pillow at a film executive who had the temerity to tell her she would make a great Bond girl. "When you think of the Bond girls, you think of these bimbos yelling, 'Help, James! Save me, save me!"' Yeoh said at the time. "I could never relate to them. I always thought of myself as James Bond.""

The women of Wondergirls (Sunye, Yoobin, Ye-eun, Hye-rim, Sohee )

I discovered the Korean mega band after seeing my family in Thailand - they are such a HUGE hit among the Thais. I don't like pop, but I have a weakness for certain J-Pop and K-Pop. I love the fact that they don't need to bare too much skin to be popular, and OH MY GOODNESS their dresses are 99.9% of the time cute! I love their dresses. Well, just their stage dresses! Especially the 20's to 70's Western dresses with a hint of East Asia.

But most importantly, they are all hot.

Warattaya "Juy" Nilkuha

She is a Thai actress, whose informal name is simply "Juy". It was actually difficult to find pictures of her, since she is not a public person. The picture says it all. (Mostly because I don't know about her, other than one of the Thai drama I've seen her in.)

Lee Hyori

I did not notice her because she dyed her hair - which I thought was a very bad move. Then she went back to her natural roots, and don't you think that photograph of Lee is super cute? She is a Korean singer/actress, and I remember her in the famous K-pop band, Fin K.L, since they were known in Thailand.

Park Jin Hee

She is not that famous yet, but I saw her on a K-drama, Please Come Back Soon-Ae. It didn't have English subtitles but I remember Park Jin Hee. I wouldn't have remembered her if it wasn't for the fact that I remembered part of the title, Soon-Ae. Don't you think she is hot? I think she is.

Grace Park

Grace Park is in one of my favourite sci-fi programmes - Battlestar Galatica. The new one, not the old one. I remember thinking, hot damn, she has a great body! I must admit, it was so bloody difficult to find a decent photograph of Grace Park that I really do like, because most of her pictures are super sexy ones, but I'll include a small one with Battlestar Galatica co-star Tricia Helfer, to show you what I mean. In fact, if you Google or Bing her (now that sound dirty), you'll see what I mean.

Tata Young

I never thought that the Thai-American singer/model/dancer was particularly hot, until she got a make over. I love her smile. I think the picture says enough.

Aoi Miyazaki

I first saw Aoi Miyazaki in NANA when I was on the Emirates flight to Thailand, since foreign films were the only films to have subtitles at the time, and I fell in love with the film and Aoi Miyazaki, who plays Nana Komatsu (Hachi). It is a great film, I'd recommend this film to anyone.

Utada Hikaru

The Japanese singer was MEGA famous in Japan, Thailand and perhaps even Korea at one point. She was known in America and some parts of Europe. I admit, I did like her music at one point. But not I can't remember anymore. Her eyes are wide and extraordinary.

And... uh... Let me think...

Yes! Oh. Nope, that's not her...

Got it! Oh, dammit...

Let's Google then!

Nope... I can't read Thai or Korean, so it's of no use...

I GIVE UP! I've been searching for hours looking for that three BEAUTIFUL Thai actress but I do not know their extremely long names and unfortunately my mother or aunt do not know who I meant. There is also another Korean actress, and my sister knows who, but we both cannot recall her name.

Because of this - I've just ordered a bunch of Asian DVD's. If I did this list two years ago, I'd remember more Asian actress without ease. I have already wast- uh, I mean, used up over three (possibly four) hours typing this blog, so time to post it!


  1. I think if you're asian, Gong Li and Maggie Cheung are must-bes on any list xD

    Also, have you checked out Brown Eyed Girls? - hint, check out Abracadabra. xD

  2. Love your blog Bea! Esp love this post, Lee Hyori is so cute!! I completely agree that Asian women should be given more recognition - undoubtedly some of the most beautiful in the world! G x